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Urban Farming & AI:
Welcome to the New Frontier

In a world of accelerated population growth, MAIM isgrowing a pure, sustainable and advanced mode of indoor farming, based on automated, machine learning technology that supports cleaner, precise and profitable agriculture in major urban centers.

The Future of Farming is AI

MAIM Farms is an Israeli agritech pioneer, integrating rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics technology with indoor vertical farming to take the industry where it has never gone before.

The brainchild of Israeli agricultural specialists and AI experts, MAIM Farms technology is developing its vision beyond Israel to the USA, Europe, GCC and Asia, leading the greatest evolution in indoor vertical farming since the industry’s inception.

Artificial Intelligence holds the promise of driving an agricultural revolution at a time when the world must produce more food using fewer resources.


The Guardian of
Urban Farming

People introduce significant risk to indoor vertical farms, leading to increased potential for contamination and nonuniform work performance that reduces quality of results. MAIM’s world-first approach integrates robotics into urban farming, enabling automation of agricultural operations with minimal human intervention and risk.

Advanced robotics

Drastically reduce the risk and cost of manpower while supporting increased accuracy.


Advanced robotic tech handles automated seeding, planting, trimming, harvesting, and removal

Cost effective

With MAIM automation, production costs are greatly reduced while quality improves too.

The MAIM result

Efficiency and quality, at a level that simply cannot be achieved without the use of robotics, at much reduced costs.
"They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
Andy Warhol

Pure product

From seed to harvest, the plant’s growth is tracked and optimized to guarantee quality of produce and full traceability of the plant’s life cycle.

Clean & Healthy

Grown in a controlled, automated environment, with minimal risk of contamination and maximum nutrition optimization.

young green plant in soil isolated on white

3W Win

Developed for the benefit of all stakeholders, from producers and sellers to end consumers and the environment.

Maximum availability

MAIM supplies a wide range of produce and aromatic herbs at the highest level of quality, all year round.

Grow better

Grow Accurate With
Artificial Intelligence

Why AI?

MAIM uses AI-based data science to make better decisions about plant cultivation for individual plants in real time. It’s the faster, more accurate way to grow healthier, tastier produce.

Data Collection

MAIM’s platform enables data collection for a large set of crops over a huge area, monitoring environmental and plant conditions, such as temperature, humidity, nutrient uptake, air flow, and much more.

Deep learning

State-of-the-art deep learning methods generate statistical models of plant biology to predict growth rate and phenotypes.

Israeli agronomy

Expert agronomists across Israel use bootstrapping techniques to make accurate data-based estimations and better real-time decisions for optimization of plant growth and development of original, innovative growth recipes.

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